Stepping Stones Daycare provides children with a stimulating and nurturing environment so that they may develop in their own way and at their own pace. The way children feel about their own environment is a very important factor influencing the way they learn and the image they have of themselves. Since a child's self image is so important we provide children with the opportunity to learn and express themselves independently.

Also we promote self-discipline and self-motivation by giving children the opportunity to choose activities they wish to engage in. Children are involved in direct interaction with others, stimulating them physically, intellectually and socially.

- Serving children 6 weeks to 12 years.
- Title 20 accepted Montgomey and Greene county.
- Camera's in all rooms.
- Secured locked door pass code required.

Stepping Stones Daycare has also been recognized by the Step Up to Quality program as a leading center for early care and education.

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Stepping Stones Daycare
215 Burkhardt Ave
Dayton, Ohio 45403
(Located in the Burkhardt Center)
Phone: (937) 252-6226

Director: Jennifer Trammell
Owner: Audrey Starnes